With you for a progressist France


The election :

Since 2012, French citizens living abroad elect their representatives in the Parliament. I am a candidate to represent French people living in North America.  Those who have chosen to settle abroad, either temporarily or permanently, have specific concerns and needs specifically regarding the possibility of an education in French, the transfer of job skills, fiscal or retirement questions, as well as about numerous administrative processes such as ways of returning to France.

        Living in Quebec since 2011, I share the concerns of the French of North America. I was elected in Canada as a ‘Conseiller consulaire’ and as a member of the “Assemblée des Français de l’étranger”. I take an active part in the French community in North America, as such I was involved in the legislative campaigns of Corinne Narassiguin and Franck Scemama in 2012 and 2013.

It is crucial for me to be present in my constituency to meet other French citizens and understand their expectations, their needs and the issues they may encounter on a daily basis. As a member of the “Assemblée des Français de l’étranger”, I chose to be part of the Committee on Foreign Trade, therefore focusing on issues related to employment, education and sustainable development. Through this experience, I have gained a solid understanding on topics that concern not only employment but also education, health, taxation and law.

As such, regarding social contributions collected on real estate income from non-residents, I intervened to avoid situations of double taxation, as had been the case for some of our compatriots in North America.


        As a member of Parliament, I want French people living abroad to be fully considered as French citizens. I am committed to fight for more social justice, for equal rights and to always legislate by taking into account a global, humanist and progressive vision shaped by my experience abroad. I want a more supportive and fairer world, a society that gives opportunity and second chances to all.

Last October, I set up an online participative platform, where fellow French citizens were able to make proposals, discuss and vote on a number of contributions covering a range of topics, such as education, political institutions and retirement pensions. It was fundamental to me to take advantage of new technologies to offer collaborative opportunities for all citizens, no matter where they reside, to express their opinions so that we can build a better political project together as the progressives of North-America for France. If I am elected, I will defend this agenda as your representative in the National Assembly.


My substitute candidate, Morgane Rolland:


        Parity between women and men and the general representation of women in the world of politics is essential to me. I chose Morgane Rolland as my substitute candidate. She defends a humanist, progressive and ecological vision.Living in the United States since 2004, Morgane is currently leading a laboratory with the US Military HIV research program in Washington. She is also very involved in the French community abroad as the head of the local chapter of the Socialist Party in Washington and she is also a member of “Conseil Fédéral de la Fédération des Français de l’étranger”. Her experience and knowledge of the United States is an essential and complementary advantage for our candidacy. We will represent the French of North America and through our respective local experiences in Canada and the United States, we will be able to respond to the problems that each of you encounter on a daily basis.